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6 tips to forget the outside world and get into the Zone.

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Let’s face it. Creative work can be ultra fulfilling. But most of the time, it’s deeply frustrating.

You open a new document on your laptop, try to type a few words, delete them, get frustrated, close the document, open Twitter — oh, funny cat videos! — check email, close email…

The solution is called holistic productivity. Here’s how to apply it in 4 steps.

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I’ve always felt guilty about not being productive. But when I recently got sick for the first time in two years, this guilt reached new heights.

I literally couldn’t move out of bed for several days. I couldn’t even watch videos because staring at a screen would give me headaches…

Use the pineapple principle to change your relationship with money.

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In American colonies of the 18th century, pineapples cost around $8,000 — in today’s dollars. What justified the price? Sure, tricky cultivation, long-distance transports by ship, etc.

But, above all, it was the excitement about this newly discovered fruit. That made pineapples an absurd symbol of luxury.

Proud pineapple owners…

Or: How to stop acting against your best intentions.

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Every minute, life challenges us with micro-decisions.

  • In the morning — get out of bed or check your phone for updates?
  • Throughout the day — healthy meal or fast food?
  • Until nighttime — watch Netflix or try to fall asleep?

And every time, we struggle to make the right choice.

Leo Sharp

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